Join us for our Pets & Pals Holiday Fundraiser!


Scout’s Fund is thrilled to celebrate the holidays with our friends and their furry family members at our Pets & Pals Holiday Fundraiser.  Please join the fun on December 7!  RSVP here.

Your attendance will help us ensure that no animal seeking a pain free day is denied rehab therapy. This year, our holiday goal is to raise $54,000, which will enable us to help up to 30 animals feel better through rehab therapy.  If you’re not able to attend, please help us reach our goal by donating today.

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Our mission at Scout’s Fund is to provide financial assistance to owners of dogs and cats with disabilities or injuries for professional rehab therapy treatment so that the animals can engage in daily activities without pain, and in the case of shelter animals, increase their chances for adoption.  For many animals, discomfort and weakness is a daily reality. We are always busy fulfilling requests for rehab therapy so dogs and cats can live more comfortable and healthier lives. For these animals, Scout’s Fund is their only hope to returning to walking or stretching comfortably. We don’t want to turn away even one request.  For more information about the animals we help, click here.

On behalf of all the animals who greatly need your assistance, thank you for your donation!