Happy New Year!

For those of you who missed our Pets & Pals Holiday Party on the 7th, we wanted to share with you the good cheer and warm stories that were exchanged between our many friends.  The highlight was having several client animals join and have fun.  Doggy and kitty parents laughed, smiled and occasionally shed a tear reminiscing about the progress made by their pets.

A Scottish Fold was fine
surrounded by doggies
and a year later she’s

A 10 year old
Rocket Dog Rescue lab,
still looking for a home,
really enjoyed meeting Santa
and his new friends.

At 15 he is our senior dog.
He is still a little wobbly, but
he’s faithfully by his mom’s side,
just as he was as a puppy.

Guinness Guinness
A Pekingese from
Humane Society Silicon Valley
was in therapy six months.
He now has a home
and is walking again.

What moved me the most was how appreciative, happy and proud animal parents and friends were to be able to be part of these wonderful animals recovery. Rocky’s mom, Peggy was recently laid off and she was shaking with delight after hearing Rocky will start sessions this week! Guinness has a new sibling and can easily play using all four of his legs! The spirit of each animal inspired all of us.  With tails wagging, playful smiles and gentle purrs it was a great day for Scout’s animals – all now happy and comfortable.  For us it was truly a celebration to meet these fine animals and  know that Scout’s Fund made it possible for each to enjoy a comfortable day and party! 

All of us at Scout’s Fund hope your new year is off to a great start!


Andrea Capozzoli
Executive Director


Scout’s Fund Mission Statement

Our mission at Scout’s Fund is to provide financial assistance to owners of dogs and cats with disabilities or injuries for professional rehab therapy treatment so that the animals can engage in daily activities without pain, and in the case of shelter animals, increase their chances for adoption.  For many animals, discomfort and weakness is a daily reality. We are always busy fulfilling requests for rehab therapy so dogs and cats can live more comfortable and healthier lives. For these animals, Scout’s Fund is their only hope to returning to walking or stretching comfortably. We don’t want to turn away even one request.  

For more information about the animals we help, click here.

On behalf of all the animals who greatly need your assistance, thank you for your donation!