A difficult message, we will miss you.

March 2015

Dear Scout’s Fund Friends,

After a thoughtful and thorough review of Scout’s Animal Rehab Therapy Fund’s operations and initial three-year strategic plan, the Board of Directors of Scout’s Animal Rehab Therapy Fund is saddened to announce the decision to dissolve the organization. The decision was not easy given our strong commitment to promoting rehabilitation therapy and our recent ability to increase outreach to rescue animals and animals from low income households.However, maintaining operations as an independently managed non-profit has remained prohibitively expensive.

As difficult it is to share this news, we hope you’ll celebrate that together we’ve been able to help 66 dogs, cats and one rabbit feel stronger and live without discomfort. We are heartened that the legacy of the organization can be continued through Humane Society Silicon Valley who will provide our donors an opportunity to continue to fulfill your goals to provide rehab therapy and rehabilitation to animals in need.

Humane Society Silicon Valley’s mission is to save and enhance lives. Ten HSSV animals, such as Labradoodle mix Baxter, have benefited from Scout’s Fund resources. Baxter needed rehab therapy for a pre-existing spinal injury that caused him to walk with lame hind legs dragging behind him. After successful rehab sessions, Baxter became strong enough to walk on his hind legs without surgery and was adopted by a loving family.

Queensland Heeler Jasmine is another HSSV animal that benefited from the generosity of our donors. She was rescued and placed into foster care to socialize and reduce her level of stress. To address her lameness, a specialist recommended and performed hind knee surgery which required hydrotherapy as part of recovery. Thanks to our donors, Jasmine received the therapy she needed to heal and was adopted by her foster parents who truly adore her. HSSV has the operational and administrative infrastructure to continue the mission and intent behind Scout’s Fund. They cater to the very special animals that come through their doors, of which over 74% have extensive medical or behavioral needs.

HSSV has established an extended medical and behavioral care fund that allows donors to designate gifts towards the medical needs of animals in the community, including those they rescue through regional missions. We hope our donors will be inspired to continue Scout’s Fund’s mission through the programs offered by HSSV.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director greatly appreciate our friends loyal commitment and passion these past three years. We are forever grateful for your time, energy and generosity. We have enjoyed meeting many of you and especially the joy in helping the 66 animals who have turned to us for a grant. We leave knowing together we have made a real difference in the lives of these animals and their respective families.

With our warmest gratitude,

Nancy Raber, Marsha Kelly, Karen Deshayes, & Andrea Capozzoli

For more information about Humane Society Silicon Valley, please visit them at hssv.org, or contact Stephanie Ladeira, Vice President of Development at 408-262-2133 extension 134.